Weekly Weigh-In

I’ve lost 2lbs this week. I don’t know how because I had a bit of a cheese/pâté/cracker fest last night. To be fair, this cheese binge was in place of my dinner. Even though I knew I was weighing in today. I still couldn’t help myself. I baked a whole Camembert drizzled with honey, olive oil and thyme with some roasted garlic and crunchy olive and rosemary country bread. I’m pretty sure I was in fromage heaven!

I’m ahead of schedule for my goals (I’ll do a separate post on my goals) in that if I keep losing 2lbs per week I will have reached my goal in 3-4 weeks. My target date was actually 22nd March! So I’m doing very well. I’m anticipating a plateau soon though. Luckily I’ve read up on some ways to get things going again, and when the time comes I’m gunna kick that plateaus arse!

I haven’t measured with a tape measure this week. I like to do that every two weeks because at the moment I’m trying to lose fat without losing muscle. And I’ve found my body changes more on a fortnightly rather than weekly basis.

I hope this post has encouraged others to keep pushing towards their goals. Anyone weigh in this week? Did you get the result you were expecting? If so, how do you feel? If not, how are you gunna fix it? Let me know in the comments box!


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