Holiday Time!

So tonight I fly to India for 8 days for a family holiday – I won’t be posting while away because we are staying in beach huts that won’t have internet. But when I get back I shall have new posts and loads of photos!

I’ve already missed the past 2 days from the gym :/ because I seem to be falling apart! I’ve had knee problems for over 10 years now, and my knee has been playing up the past couple of days so I decided to take a break from the gym so I don’t cause myself any more injury. On top of that, I severely sprained my ankle about 6 months back and that’s been playing up too! I think it’s the change in weather, the air pressure seems to affect my joints somewhat. So let’s just say I’m an old lady and I’ll be in tip top shape after my holiday. I’m not too worried about missing the gym because I know I’ll be eating super healthy – lots of fresh fish and fruit, yippee! And also, it’s nice to take a break from the gym sometimes. But I guess I’ll be swimming alot, and also taking a resistance band for my ankle rehab exercises. Which I can also use to do other exercises and make a workout – how convenient!

On a completely different note – the new episode of The Walking Dead is out on Sunday after it’s holiday break. But I won’t be able to watch it!!! waaaahhhh. Anyone else excited to watch the new episode?!


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