Return From India

So, India was amazing! I’ve been before but this was just a really nice chilled out beach holiday. I’ve got an awesome tan! I also put on 2lbs :/ lol BUT the food there is amazing, I was on holiday and now I’m back I’m hitting it hard.

The problem with going on holiday to India, is that I love Indian food! The downside to that however, is that EVERYTHING comes with refined carbs! So I ordered chicken tikka (dry, no sauce) with a big salad, healthy right? well, they brought that out with a buttery garlic naan. And I just couldn’t help myself! Everywhere I asked, I asked if they had wholewheat naan, they said no but they could do me a wholewheat chapati or roti. I don’t want those, I want naan! I also ate a naan with every dinner. I just couldn’t resist the buttery, garlicy, chewy naan cooked on a tandoor. So refined carb #1 made it’s way into my belly. I then ordered a prawn biryani, which are amazing. Refined carb #2 in the form of white rice. I didn’t even bother asking about brown rice because I just don’t think a biryani would be the same. I only thought I’d have that one biryani while I was there. I was wrong, I had 3 (I was only there for 8 days).

The rest of my meals however, were quite good! I had banana honey porridge for breakfast every day, sometimes with a fruit salad. For lunch and dinner it was either chicken tikka or fresh grilled fish – grilled red snapper with garlic and lime is amazing!



This is the beach we stayed on – there were barely any people there, so it was really nice! I apologise in advance for the poor photo quality – these are from iPhone/Blackberry. Because I forgot to charge my camera before we left, and arrived to find I had zero battery! Grossly unprepared for my holiday!


The first day we arrived was clear blue skies, 33°C and really breezy – perfect tanning conditions!

Now I’m back home, and I need to work my butt off to reach my first goal, considering I set myself back by 2lbs! Today was my first day back at the gym, and I just had NO motivation. My alarm went off and I could’ve slept all day, but I dragged myself out of bed to go. I’m glad I did, I really enjoyed my gym session (legs today, they will be KILLING tomorrow!) and because I felt bad for not going the past 2 weeks, I added an extra set to each exercise. I’ll probably regret that tomorrow when my butt hurts so much I can’t even sit down. Also, now I’m back from India, I won’t be eating a million naan bread haha – I don’t even really eat bread that much anymore, so that’ll be another step towards my goal.

How are your goals progressing? Anyone encountered any set backs? If so, how have you overcome them?


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