Mid Week Munch

Last night I went out with a friend for sushi, and I forgot how much I LOVE sushi, how healthy it can be and how amazing it tastes. Socialising with healthy food – perfect. Except my friend doesn’t like sashimi, and the restaurant doesn’t do brown rice sushi, only white rice. This wasn’t really ideal as I do try to stay away from ‘white’ carbs.But I don’t each sushi very often so I didn’t think too much of it.

We got the special platter which was 20 pieces of mixed nigiri – prawn, salmon, tuna, scallop, mackeral, hamachi, octopus, red snapper. Yummy! BUT then, we also fancied some prawn tempura and soft shell crab – both deep fried, one battered. I know, I know. Not exactly what you’d call clean eating. Good eating yes, clean – not so much.

It could’ve been much worse. I have been known to order the prawn tempura maki, the crispy salmon skin maki and some form of gyoza (duck is right at the top for me!), all of which are deep fried. And this is usually on top of my nigiri/sashimi/maki. I won’t be revisiting that door anymore, as I once added up all the calories that a sushi binge cost me, and I was horrified that it came in at something like 1500kcal…for one meal. Disgusting I know. This happened last July, when I was just greedy – but the problem I find with sushi, especially conveyor belt sushi with friends, is that you’re chatting away and miss a plate of something, so wait for it to come around….but someone else down the line has already taken it… so you wait some more, then you start getting a little peckish again, so you just keep eating. Sushi places where they bring things out on a big platter are much better because everything is there and ready to go so you don’t go for some time without eating and getting a little bit hungry again.

Anyone else have a type of food that they just can’t help but binge on? What was the last binge you had?


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