The 5 People You Meet At The Gym

Firstly, I must apologise for my unexpected break from writing posts – I have been a bit under the weather and out of sorts recently.

I thought I’d do a little post on the types of people at the gym – this is just a bit of fun and isn’t intended offend anyone!

The “Hogger”

Don’t you just hate it when you’re mid workout, and there’s some guy in the gym who is hogging every friggin’ piece of equipment, and everytime you ask if he’s using it, he is. “Oh, well can I just use this quickly then if you’re using that?” to which he’ll reply “sorry, I’m using that too”. Come on, you can’t be using EVERYTHING at the same time – you’ve only got 2 arms and legs, buddy!

The “I Think I’m HUUUUUUGE”


Walks around like he’s Arnold, when he’s definitely not! Sound familiar? There’s always at least one guy like this in every single gym in the world. But chances are he’s not actually that big/strong and your warm up is his workout!

The “Chatty Cathy’s”

You know what I’m talking about – the ladiesthat use gym time to gossip, rather than sweat. They are often found standing around one of the machines (usually the ‘inner thigh’ one) while one friend half-heartedly does a set, or on the cross trainers chatting away, barely missing a breath.

The “Grunter”

Ah, this old chap – he likes everyone to know he’s in the gym and he’s working HARD. Can usually be found by the squat rack/smith machine lifting wwwaaaaayyy too heavy and making noises that are not uncommon to a farmyard. It’s both offputting and unecessary. Heavy breathing is fine, cause we all know a good workout is not without heavy breathing! And no matter what, you can’t stop looking incase he snaps his leg from trying to squat twice what he is capable of – sick but true!

The “Acquaintance”

You said “Hi” a few times in passing, then made small conversation in the changing room/water machine. The next thing you know, your workout is being interrupted so you can “catch up” but you don’t want to be rude and say you’re actually finishing a workout and you’ll chat later. Be careful, this could develop into “Chatty Cathy”. And then you’ll never get anything done!

Are there any other types of people you find at the gym that I’ve missed out? Or has anyone got any funny stories?



  1. LOLz!! Glad that I’m not the only person to notice all the different types of people at the gym! 😛

    Great post!

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  3. 1) The competers — they hop on the machine next to you (usually cardio) and proceed to try and race you. You go faster, they go faster. They watch your screen to see what your level is at.
    2) The eavesdropper — they offer unsolicited advice after hearing you have a convo with someone (guess that’s everywhere, not just the gym, though).

    1. Hahaha I totally forgot about these 🙂

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