About Me


My name’s Holly, and I’m a [reformed] couch potato!

This blog is detailing my journey to become a better, healthier version of myself (read here to see why I had to make a change). I think it’s good to share things, to support others and to one day be someones motivation for change. I want to blog my experiences, my workouts and my recipes for other people to enjoy. I want to share my progress with others so I can be held accountable for my actions.

This is not a thinspo blog, nor a “diet” blog – I won’t post the latest fads and trends. Information I post is based on my own research from scientific journals, and it’s up to you what you do with that information. It’s bad enough that we read magazines giving you the latest “science proven” method to lose 10lbs in 1 hour. This is not that sort of blog. This is the sort of blog that encourages you to live a healthy lifestyle, to keep everything in moderation and to enjoy life.


– I’m 24.
– I have lived in 19 different houses in 5 different countries in my quarter century of living.
– I’m strong-minded and opinionated, but I respect other people’s beliefs.
– I prefer weight training to cardio, but that shit’s gotta get done!
– I have 2 dogs. They’re a bit crazy. But aren’t we all?!

Contact me: hollydoeshealthy@gmail.com

Twitter: @HollyHealthy



    1. Thanks for the nomination Julie! I’ll have to do the post after my holiday though! Holly x

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