It’s always a great idea to set goals, and to write them down – preferably in a notebook for just that purpose. I have mine in a notebook that I keep in my bag, in a word document on my computer, and on myfitnesspal. Now I’m going to put them on here too – I can be held accountable, track my progress and if it inspires someone to set their own goals, or motivates people to keep going then all the better!

Fat Loss Goals:

These are divided into 2 phases because I found it was easier to break it down into small, achievable goals rather than one big one.

My goals is to lose 15lbs in each phase – the reason I split them is because after losing 15lbs, I will need to recalculate my calorie and macro intake to stop the inevitable plateau. Also 15lbs seems achievable over the 10 week period I have set myself, rather than 30lbs over 20-25 weeks.

Phase 1:

  • Lose 15lbs in 7-10 weeks → Before my holiday I had lost 7.5lbs, at an average of 2lbs per week. Then I put on 2lbs in India. I haven’t weighed myself in nearly 2 weeks because my friend has been visiting. I have 3 weeks to reach my goal so I will have to hit the gym hard and eat mega clean.
  • Target Reached Treat – new gym clothes!

Phase 2:

  • Lose 15lbs in 10-15 weeks → I’ve allowed longer for this phase because I suspect my body will try to slow down the fat loss and plateau. This will be the harder phase, in which I will need to change my workouts to keep my metabolism up. This will include plyometrics, circuits and more low intensity cardio.
  • Final Target Treat – new tattoo, I’m very excited about this one. I’ve wanted a new tattoo for ages, bu never got around to it. So now I’m holding it off till I get to my goal weight.

Fitness Goals:

  • Get my ankle back up to 100% strength. This will be hard because I have been damaging it without realising for the past 8 years.
  • Complete a mountain hike without feeling my my lungs are about to explode!
  • Take up a new sport.
  • Be able to do ONE pull up – my upper body strength is rubbish, and I’m too short to even reach to pull up bar. Honestly, I’m too embarrased to try in the gym in case I can’t do it!
  • Once I’m at my final goal weight, get certified as a personal trainer.

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